Placement of Recruitment Services

Executive Search

Through KIMS’s “Head Hunter” Employment Services, helping clients get the best talent for strategic positions in companies in various industries. We provide excellent service in meeting quality individuals and identify the skills and expertise required in each position.<br>

The recruitment process is the initial link in human resource development. This process is the first step in selecting human resources who will be part of the company’s dynamics. The right recruitment strategy and method will produce employees according to company needs

Service & Benefits

Helping clients to get the best talent in strategic positions in a company.
Where the recruitment process is the initial link in human resource development.

For this reason, KIMS is committed to:

1. Providing excellent service in fulfilling qualified individuals and identifying skills and expertise in each position.
2. Having a candidate data base in accordance with the positions required by our clients.
3. Have a deadline process in fulfilling candidates, so that the client will get the right candidate according to the qualifications needed.

4. Have a commitment to guarantee the confidentiality of the recruitment process to the candidate's personal data.
5. Provide space for clients to discuss candidate fulfillment.

Service & Benefits

We have several methods of the recreation process, namely:

Through Candidate Bank Data, is a list of candidates that have been selected in advance by our recruitment team and this is the fastest method of getting candidates, especially for middle and upper levels.

Through direct candidate search (Hunting Method),
Direct search for candidates to companies that match our Client's business.

Through Ads
Working closely with the media to create advertisements according to Client needs.

Investment Fee (Professional Fee):
The investment value of candidates received in the Client's company is 10% of the total Salary and Fixed Benefits in a year.
The client will send an employee acceptance letter to process the investment value payment.

Training and Development

English Basic Training
Cleaning Service Training
Service Excellent & Grooming

Additional Benefits

Provides a warranty of 3 months to the Client, if the candidate resigns.

The client will not be subject to additional investment, if the replacement application is notified before the three (3) month working period is due.


Executive Recruitment Service

Through “Head Hunter” Manpower Placement Services, KIMS assisted Clients in obtaining the best Talent for strategic position in companies in various industries. We provide excellent services in meeting qualified individuals and identifying the skills and expertise required in each position. The recruitment process is the initial chain in the development of Human Resources.

This process is the first step in selection human resources that will become part of the dynamics of the company. The right recruitment strategies and methods will produce employees that are in line with the company’s needs.

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