Our Services

Are you interested in using an headhunter service to find a employees who will complement your team?

Kellikims offers competitive executive headhunting services for key professionals. We offer this service across many business sectors. By doing this, our headhunting services are highly competitive and provide our clients with a cost-effective alternative to the mainstream providers.

The services provided are as follows:

  • We Get Candidates Based On Client Needs.
  • We Recruit Targeted Candidates With Personal Approach and Screening.
  • We negotiate packages on behalf of our clients.



Our mission is to present you the ideal candidate which meets all your criterias. A completely personalized and efficient service.

  • We set up a first meeting with you to determine your needs and research criterias (qualifications, experience, quality, salary, etc.).
  • Our head-hunters start research directly on the market and from our database of candidates.
  • We select the best candidates and only present those with more than 80% of the search criterias.
  • Following your selection, the candidate is tested within your company.
  • If you are satisfied, we put in place a contract of employment between the employee and you.
  • We make sure the integration of the employee within their new workplace goes smoothly and according to wishes.

We are in open communication with you during the process and provide after-care service to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Let us improve your business!

We’ll provide you with the clarity, the roadmap, the focus and all the support you need. And everything will be done at the perfect pace for you.